Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mud Bath

Soothing nature sounds, aromatherpy candles, relaxing massages... These are all the makings of a day at the spa. However, in today's economy, we can't all splurge for a decadent pampering.

Bo found a way to make it happen on a budget: homemade mud facials!

"I feel 10 (dog) years younger already!"

Ehm, you have a little something on your face, Bo... ;)

Because Your Lisp Is On My List

What do Sylvester the Cat, Daffy Duck and Tweety have in common? An unmistakable lisp, of course! And you might want to add Bella to that roster, if you judge by the picture below.

She's either emulating the Looney Toons stars or trying to clear the small hairs off her nose...

"Thufferin' thuccotash!"

Do I have a hair on my tongue? Phhhttttt...

Snow White Never Had It So Rough

Is there nothing more frustrating than spending half your morning routine primping and fluffing, only to have it all undone by static electricity?

Why, just look at Jewels and Chloe!

"Static, static on the wall
Who is the clingiest of them all?"

Snow White never had it so rough... ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yoga To Show Me How It's Done

The downward-facing dog, the eagle, the lotus... these are all well known yoga poses. However, Buttercup has come up with a new, ultra-relaxing pose: the passed-out puppy.

"Aaaaaaa-uuuuummmmm... Zzzzzz...."

No bending involved in this one, folks! Simply walk up to your doggy bed, stretch and drop where you are. Ta-da! Instant relaxation! Okay, Buttercup, you can get up now. Buttercup? Never mind...

Never Idol Moment...

They say we all have a doppelganger somewhere in the world, someone who looks just like us. In Samson's case, I think the answer is pretty obvious...

Billy Idol!

"With a rebel yell, she cried 'more more more'! YEAAAAHHHHH!!!"

Next thing you know, he'll be sporting a wicked sneer to go with his electric 'do... ;) Rock out, Samson!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Great Barks of Fire!

Pepper is back and this time, he's ready to bring down the house! He loves to tickle the ivories and has been known to channel his inner rock star on occasion.

"Goodness, gracious, great barks of fire!"

Now, here's hoping he won't start dressing up like Liberace... ;)

The Donald Is Now The Pippin

Watch out, Ladies! Lord Pippin is modeling the hottest hairstyle of the season: The Pippin comb-over!

This stylish hairstyle is not only very flattering on all Yorkies, but it's also easy to manage when all you have time for in the morning is choosing an outfit.

"Donald Trump's got nothing on me!"

I love a pup with great hair... ;)

The Sleepy Hokey Pokey

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to do the Sleepy Hokey Pokey with Sammie Poochon!

Here we go!

You put your left paw in
You put your right paw out
You let your head hang out
And you twist yourself around
You do the Sleepy Hokey Pokey
And you contort yourself around
That's what's it's all about


"That IS what it's all about!"

Believe it or not, Sammie was sound asleep when this picture was taken. And no, she's not an invertebrae. She is doing just fine and still comes up with the wackiest sleeping poses.