Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm With The Band

Ladies, is your man in desperate need of a makeover? Has he been wearing the same old threads since Ed Sullivan went off the air? Is his idea of a stylish outfit a pit-stained t-shirt, black socks and brown sandals? Are there more holes in his tighty-withies than swiss cheese? (Geez, now I'll never get that image out of my head *shudder*... Movin' on...)

Finally, your prayers have been answered! Say hello to the brand new Belly Band 3000!

Available in 150 different colors, it is designed to withle his waistline, accentuate his buttocks, straighten his spine, pay the mortgage, give him a British accent, cure his receeding hairline, and eradicate his fear of changing the toilet paper roll.

Below, Tucker Max Small Paws models two of our best-selling colors, You're Out of My O-Range and Yell-Low, Bark High.

"I'm too sexy for my band, New York & Japan!"

"Fabio, eat your heart out! BowwowWOW!"
I just love a fashion-conscious pup... ;)