Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Canine Dictionary - Part 1

While I was researching a word with my trusty dictionary (look Ma, I can read!), I realized "human" definitions were not always à propos for our pups. So, in keeping with the spirit of this modest yet absurd blog, I present to you a dictionary more befitting our furry companions.

*drum roll*


SMUG: adjective; Facial clue indicating undiscovered intentional mischief which will most undoubtedly be unpleasant in nature for humans. (Demonstrated by Sammie Poochon)

"Oh yeah, sure, the TP roll is doing just fine... *snicker*"

GLOWER: noun; Often successful occular device employed by canines to manipulate or influence their humans in order to obtain any and every earthly thing. (Demonstrated by Lord Pippin)

"Come on, don't you want the best for me? Now, move over, the king-sized bed is mine..."

INNOCENCE: noun; Implied and most often fictitious state demonstrated by wide-eyed and blank stares, used as a defense mechanism once a disaster has been uncovered. (Illustrated by Cokenee)

"Nope, I didn't do it. See how big my eyes are? Are you buying it yet? Maybe if I prop by eyelids open with toothpicks..."

Ahhhh, don't we all feel a little smarter? Me neither... ;)

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