Friday, June 3, 2011

Canine Dictionary - Part 2

It's been a little while... okay a LONG while since my last update, but after some cajoling on your part, dear readers (aww, come on, I'm blushing!), I bring you the second installment of the Canine Dicitonary. My linguistic juices are following again, so without further ado, I bring you...


TEMPESTUOUS: adjective; Used to vividly describe the involuntary state of one's hairdo, usually caused by drastic changes in wind pattern or inflicted by fiendish groomers. (Demonstrated by Cuda)

"You think this is bad? Why do you think I'm hiding the rest of my body? I really should have paid more attention when my groomer asked if I wanted a "beachy windswept look"..."

TROMPE L'OEIL: noun; Visual deception in which a cunning individual will effectively conceal his presence, usually right before a misdeed is discovered. (Demonstrated by Harpo)

"Ha, ha! They'll never find me behind this thick foliage. My plan is flawless! Wait... does anyone know what poison ivy looks like? Uh oh..."

RASPBERRY: noun; Audible action used to intimate unmentionable bodily sounds, generally easily blamed on unsuspecting canines. (Demonstrated by Sparky)

"Joke's on you, sneaky humans! I didn't just MAKE the noise... HA!"

PRUDISH: adjective; State in which one's inhibitions trumps all common sense, especially when an HD camera is in the vicinity. (Demonstrated by Dovey)

"Get that camera away from me! You know I refuse to be photographed before putting my bows in and re-shaping the hairball on my tail! Oh, the things a diva of my caliber has to endure around here... Stop snickering!"

That's it for today's vocabulary lesson, kids! A few more of these entries and we can all enter the national Spelling Bee competition. Wait, does anyone know what "cymotrichous" means? Oh dear, back to the drawing board... ;)

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