Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Addiction, Thy Name Is Pepper

(Cue sad violin music)
Addictions can take over you and make you lose control of your own life. There are many kinds of addictions, but few have as severe an impact on self-control as rawhide bones do. They will make any dog act crazy and cause them to act (not to mention look) a little loony. Pepper Silky Terrier can certainly vouch for it...

Pepper: "My name is Pepper Silky Terrier and I am a rawhidaholic."
Rawhidaholics Anonymous Group: "Hi, Pepper!"

Just kidding, of course! Pepper has passed away since this picture was taken, but he will forever be remembered for making us laugh and being "adorably obnoxious". We miss you, buns of steel...

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