Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bed Head... And Beard

Every decade has a distinctive hairstyle that defines it. Remember these? (Be honest, we won't tell anyone how old you really are!)

1950's: The Beehive and the Poodle Perm
1960's: The Pageboy
1970's: The Shag, the Afro and the Farrah Flicks
1980's: The Mullet and the Mohawk
1990's: The Rachel Bob

Which hairstyle were we introduced to in the new millenium, you ask? The Bed Beard! (Not to be confused with the trendy and humanly popular Bed Head)

And how do I achieve this 'do, you ponder? Easy! Simply get in bed, fall into a deep sleep, toss, turn and wake up. It's that simple! No, really, take a look at Reece and Cokenee to see how it's done.

"I wonder if Mr. Sandman ever looked this good..."

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray for hair like a jumbled heap..."

Hairdressers the world 'round are weeping... ;)

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